The Handmade Market Recap

Go for it!

Over the summer I mentioned the call for artists for The Handmade Market to mom and dad and they encouraged me to GO FOR IT. I’m so glad that I did. I felt a major case of Impostor Syndrome all the way up until my first few sales. Here in one big room there were over 50 amazing vendors selling their art; some of the finest designers from NC and beyond. What an honor and what a treat to be setup in a sea of such talent! This event was a nice push – and maybe dad knew that it would be. It pushed me to get creative in the studio, to get inventive with the table setup, to get social and interact directly with the onesie buyers and meet other vendors.

shop local hand painted onesies

The Flyin’ Dandelion Table at The Handmade Market

Growing up dad would remind me that I’m too hard on myself and he would know the right things to say to make me feel better. I was really missing him in the week leading up to the market/show and I needed his words more than I can ever remember. Luckily, I was surrounded by support from the minute I woke up on Saturday morning until my head hit my pillow that night.

My Mentors – Amazing Vendors
To my left was a jovial and hilarious Leopold Designs with fabulous hand-died silk scarves. Watching her work her table was really fun; between greeting fans/friends with big hugs, she helped to style each individual who approached her table. She gave such a personal touch by selecting colors, helping to tie scarves, and holding the mirror just right; it was like watching a waltz.
hand dyed silk scarf

Hot Pink Gears by Leopold Designs

To my right was Beth Sperlazza Pottery; she and her husband traveled down from Virginia and she had the prettiest selection of hand thrown pottery which included these adorable little tiny spoons.
pottery local virginia bird

Bird Serving Bowl by Beth Sperlazza Pottery

Across the aisle was a lovely couple from FlyTrap Studios with cozy screen printed scarves and handmade cuffs. They are big fans of supporting all things local and their brand has a reach from here all the way to Alaska with many stores in between.
Handmade scarves NC

Fly Trap Studio Scarves

Lastly was Raleigh’s TinyPeepers who offers screen printed gifts of nostalgia including tea towels, scarves, tshirts & prints. I have virtually admired TinyPeeprs for some time and was a little starstruck when meeting Kelly; she was so sweet an offered me a pep talk before the show and made sure to check in on me throughout.
tiny peepers raleigh hand printed camper towel

Tiny Peepers Camper Tea Towel

These vendors helped me through my very first show and I am so grateful for their kindness and advice. I had a great time at The Handmade Market and so appreciate the relationships I have made and the mentors I have met who have impacted me in the world of art and business.

Making Dad Proud
I miss my dad every day but Saturday was just a little different.  I felt like he was with me – it was his crowd, they were his people; inventors, philosophers, musicians, givers, helpers, etc. It wasn’t until after the event, as I sat at dinner with the kids, that my husband told me how proud dad is and I got choked up. I know he’s proud, I can feel it.
love, dad, leukemia, proud

Dad and Me on my birthday 2014