Over the River & Through the Woods

We just got back from another great trip up to NY to visit my parents, “Granny & Gramps.” It’s a long drive for the five of us but the beautiful mountains and river gorge views along with the big tunnels make it a scenic adventure for all of us. This trip included some of our standard traditions as well as a few new favorite spots. Aliyah and Mariam required multiple wardrobe changes after getting drenched several times a day in their favorite playground; the french creek that runs through the back of my parents yard. Then mom and dad took us to “Grandchildren’s Beach,” a hidden gem of a beach on a little known state-park patch of land on Lake Erie. We also hit Addie’s Ice Cream, Erie shops, North East Wine tasting, a jewelry store for Mariam’s ear-piercing adventure (pun intended), Aunt Jade’s birthday celebration, Grandmother Downey’s house, and even a Pittsburgh guitar shop on the way to the Cancer center. It was a wonderful trip. The north sure packed a big punch this past winter but the beautiful summer days and cool summer nights help make up for it.

photo 4

Aliyah & Mariam with their Great Grandmother Downey, 98 years young

photo 2

Sea-glass hunting with Granny on Lake Erie

photo 1

An outdoor playground; French Creek, NY

photo 3

Eesa’s bath tub at Granny & Gramps’ house

photo 5

Radio Interview: Live reporting from Gramps & Mariam