About the Brand

The Flyin’ Dandelion puts a large emphasis on all things local! Purchasing materials and blanks locally when available and partnering with local NC organizations for fundraisers, PR events, advertising and more.

The softest baby jumpers around. Take my challenge! Compare the thin, poorly sized, scratchy baby brand of onesies to my softer, stronger alternative varieties from Rabbit Skins and The Laughing Giraffe.

Services also include marketing consultations, custom design work, vinyl signage installation, heat press services, vinyl cutting, and more!

Wholesale, business-to-business, custom client requests are all welcome. The Flyin’ Dandelion has an emphasis on working with wholesale accounts to produce quality heat pressed apparel and other vinyl goods at an affordable price with the best customer service.

My dad was the inspiration for this business as well as the brand; his name “Dan D” in my mind translated to “Dandy” and that grew into The Flyin’ Dandelion. When coupled with my fascination with dandelions from a young age and loving how that has been inherited by my little girls, it just seemed like a perfect fit. Lions are regal animals and though not perfect, exhibit qualities such as bravery, strength, courage which all are characteristics my dad has carried before and after his leukemia diagnosis. Dandelions are pure magic to my children (though their lawn-grooming uncle might not feel the same) and the girls cannot walk by one without picking it up to either collect a bouquet or to blow off the seeds and watch their wishes fly by. My parents and all three brothers still serenade me with a little song that I used to sing:
Friends are like flowers
Beautiful flowers
Are you a rose?
Are you a dandelion?